Dogecoin Gambling – Where To Do It

Where should you gamble with Dogecoin?  What are the best places?  Who can you trust?  With the advent of crypto-currencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others, it’s only natural for those in the realm to consider gambling as something to do with their new found “wealth”.

Gambling With Crypto Currency


What a lot of people wonder is where to gamble with their “digital dollars”.  These cryptocurrencies aren’t really dollars of course, but the hope of many is to someday turn them into real wealth.

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Anyone familiar with the rise of Bitcoin knows that if they had just gotten in early enough they’d be millionaires by now and the hope is that their chosen (new) crypto will soon make them a millionaire too.

Buy And Hold?

cryptocurrency casino
You can Gamble with Dogecoin at Fortune Jack – Lots of Games and Live Dealers!

It would only have taken a little foresight to “buy and hold” a few hundred dollars of Bitcoin at its early beginnings to be set for life.

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It’s funny to think that even now there are people gambling away thousands in crypto currencies like Dogecoin at many different gaming websites because each DogeCoin is only worth 1/4 of a penny (or less) while someday it may be worth – (fill in your amount here) – a dollar or two (we can only hope).

Where To Gamble With DogeCoin


The following is an (ever growing) list of casinos and other places to gamble with your crypto currencies.

More sites and games added as they become available.

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cryptocurrency casino
You can Gamble with Dogecoin at Fortune Jack – Lots of Games and Live Dealers!

 NOTE:  Find more articles right on this site about the following:


Slots :

Blackjack: Dogecoin BlackJack Online – Bitcoin and Litecoin Too


Dice: Dogecoin Dice Games

Craps: See Bitcoin Penguin banner above

    • YouTube (search results for DogeCoin Gambling)
    • Sports Betting

How To Convert / Exchange Your Dogecoin To Litecoin or Bitcoin For More Online Gambling Choices

If you want to play at the really fancy online casinos that have live dealers and literally dozens of different games including slots and all of the table games you’ll need to exchange your Dogecoins for Bitcoin (or a portion of a Bitcoin).

Better Casino Games With Bitcoin?

While Dogecoin is a popular alt coin there aren’t all that many solidly established gaming sites to play at yet – UPDATE: We are now recommending Bitcoin Penguin – (not to say that the following does not still apply – it does)  so what you can do is set up an account at an “exchange” such as Bleutrade or – make an account – deposit your Dogecoin – and then sell some for Litecoin or Bitcoin (you don’t have to buy an entire Bitcoin) and then transfer the Bitcoin(s) to the gambling site of your choice.

Not Quite Sure How To Easily Exchange Dogecoin For Bitcoin?

See my article Right Here.

Or better yet Sign Up For The Cryptolix Report(it’s free) – Click Here. The report has all the knitty gritty details on how to do it.  Did I mention that it’s Free?

Once You Have Some Bitcoin

Visit some of the following site(s)  – you can use play money to check out the games – and see if you can tell the difference between these (sometimes decent) Dogecoin games online and the more established Bitcoin casinos and games 

Poker Only – Bitcoin Only

>>>Betcoin Casino and Poker  A growing Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker room.  A growing amount of Players.  Poker tournaments and more. Just Like The Texas Hold ‘Em Online Poker Days Of Old With A Downloadable Or “In Your Browser” Poker Room

Bitcoin only Casino Games

Betcoin Casino and Poker

These online casinos have been around longer and have better systems in place.  It’s just like playing at Party Poker or Poker Stars, and the other good online casino game sites in the past only now you can do it with Cryptocurrency (or as some call it – “digital currency”).

Do I Need To Download Anything?

Some of them will require you to download the casino or poker room onto your computer, but many of them don’t even require that anymore – you can play right in your internet browser as soon as you make a deposit into your account.

Try them out.  I did and found that sometimes exchanging my Doge for Bitcoin gave me a much better online gambling experience.  Here’s a great article on how to exchange coins.

I put some banners down below that you can click on and check a couple of them out.

bitcoin casino games image


litecoin and bitcoin gambling image

Not sure what DogeCoin and other CryptoCurrency is all about? 

Check out all the stuff on Wikipedia.

See more about dogecoin and other cryptocurrency poker games online.


Trade Some Dogecoin For Lesser Known Alt Coins – Expand Your Wealth

It used to be that if you had some Dogecoin and you wanted to trade it for a different kind of cryptocurrency you pretty much had to first trade it for Bitcoin or Litecoin and then use your newly purchased Bitcoin (or Litecoin) to buy the kind of alt coin that you wanted – but not anymore.

Trade Dogecoin Directly For Other Coins

As the cryptocurrency market has matured (still early stages of course – 2014) so have the places to “exchange” your cryptocurrencies – one for the other.

Best Place To Exchange Dogecoin For Other Alt Coins

There’s a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that not a lot of people know about.  It’s called Bleutrade.

At Bleutrade you can not only exchange your Doge for Bitcoin and Litecoin (like every other exchange out there) you can also TRADE DOGECOIN FOR EVERY OTHER COIN ON THE EXCHANGE!  Did I say that loud enough?

Take a look at all of the coins you can directly trade your Dogecoin for.

Trade dogecoin for any other alt coin image
At Bleutrade you can exchange your Dogecoin for any other coin on the exchange directly!

Why Is This Important?

The development of this kind of cryptocurrency trading is important for at least three reasons.

  1. Now you don’t have to first exchange your Dogecoin for Bitcoin and then trade your Bitcoin for the kind of crypto you want.  This saves you on your trading “fees”.  It also saves time.
  2. Secondly this shows that the demand for Dogecoin as a cryptocurrency trading “vehicle” exists, which is great for all of us “Dogecoin Believers”.  This makes Dogecoin more in demand, and demand generally creates higher prices.
  3. Being able to purchase lesser known Alt Coins with Dogecoin also gives some of the “underdog” coins (coins can now trade for less than 1 Satoshi) a chance to grow their own market, develop a following, work the bugs out, and when they really start to grow they will provide the early believers/adopters/buyers/investors with HUGE GAINS!

What Are Some Of The Underdog Coins?

I’ll mention just three “underdog” coins to keep this short.  All three you can buy with Dogecoin at Bleutrade.  There are plenty more even at this moment, but one can never tell for sure which is the next one to “Go To the Moon”!

Trading your Dogecoin for any of the following coins (or any alt coins for that matter) is a gamble, but that’s what you came here to do isn’t it?

  1. HTML Coin – This is a coin with a growing community of believers.  It also has a name that most everyone somehow recognizes even if they are not quite sure why.  There’s a pretty good article about it over on  HTML Coin currently trades for far less than 1 Satoshi, but they have lots going on and it’s definitely one to watch – or throw a few Doge at it over on Bleutrade.
  2. GCoin – Gcoin has already developed and produced an Android App game where you can “earn” Gcoin instead of just worthless “points” like many other games.  This (I believe) is one of the hidden gems (no pun intended) in the alt coin world.  (okay… slight pun intended, but Gcoin is definitely one to watch).  Here’s their main website address: and you can check out the Android App here:
  3. Troll Coin – This is a coin that we have purchased over the last month or so.  It’s a weird coin, but we think it has potential.  They are tied in with which was just purchased by Amazon for 1.1 Billion Dollars.   (Here’s another link that talks about Trollcoin and  Yeah… really.  We can’t really say for sure that the Amazon deal is going to make this coin explode in value, but… just in case we have picked up several million Trollcoins (using Dogecoin – It trades for less than 1 Satoshi right now – early September 2014) over on Bleutrade.

How To Set Up An Account At Bleutrade

If you are internet savvy then just Click This Link To Bleutrade and get started buying some coins with huge potential for less than 1 Satoshi using Dogecoin (or other coins for that matter… on Bleutrade you can trade any one coin for any other – if there is no market you can make one!).

Bleutrade Tutorial – How To Get Started Trading

Otherwise – You will find below a video that will walk you through it.  You can also check out this article/video montage over on for many more details.



For those of you Dogecoin owners (and believers like us) it sure doesn’t hurt to spread some of that Dogecoin love around by making a purchase of some other cryptocurrencies and help build the community in more ways than we can even imagine at this point in time.

Dogecoin seems to have (finally) made a bottom around 25 Satoshis here in early September 2014 and appears to be on the upswing.  Not only does it seem to be a good time to be acquiring more Doge at these levels it also is a good time to use some of those newly acquired Doge to buy some of these other up and coming coins and the best place to do that is at Bleutrade.

Click the banner below and check out the amazing things you can buy with Doge over at Bleutrade.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Who To Trust When Gambling With Cryptocurrency?

It’s amazing how many “cryptocurrency gambling” websites have come and gone in the last 6 months.  Many sites (for one reason or another) simply disappear never to be seen again.

We are constantly maintaining vigilance in order to recommend the best places to gamble online with your Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, and other digital money, alt coins, or cryptocurrencies.

While we can’t guarantee that you will be a winner in any of the online casinos that we recommend on this site, what we can guarantee is that we are only recommending sites that have proven themselves thus far to be reliable as far as paying out your winnings when you have some.

A big “Thank You” to all of our visitors for trusting us and for those who have alerted us to potential scams out there.

If you have a website that you want to recommend for us to check out for potential recommendation to  others please get in touch via our Contact Page.

Thanks again.

Namecoin Gambling Sites

Namecoin (cryptocurrency) is getting pretty popular to use for gambling online.  Below is our list of places that we have been found to be reliable and trustworthy to gamble with your Namecoins.

Namecoin gambling image

Gamble Online With Namecoin

The sites in each listing are ones that we have personally played at and had no problems depositing or withdrawing our cryptocurrencies.

It always pays to be cautious though.

If you win (or deposit) a large amount of any kind of cryptocurrency it’s good advice to make your withdrawal to your own cold wallet or at least on online wallet that you trust.

Fortune Jack Casino accepts Namecoin and 9 other alt coins.  Great casino with lots of games

Namecoin Blackjack

Namecoin Roulette

Namecoin Dice

Namecoin War

Namecoin Video Poker

Namecoin Slots

Namecoin Baccarat

More Namecoin Gambling Sites

As the popularity of Namecoin grows there are sure to be many more sites that we can add to this list. Be sure to bookmark or favorite this page and return every now and then to check out our recommendations.

Want to learn more about the history of the Namecoin cryptocurrency? Check out this Wikipedia article.


Play Baccarat With Dogecoin or Bitcoin

If you are looking for a place to play baccarat with your Dogecoins then this (new and growing) list is for you.

Dogecoin Baccarat

You can of course find plenty of places to Baccarat and other casino games with Bitcoins or Litecoins, but we didn’t find a reliable site for Dogecoin Baccarat gamblers until we came across the following.

<<<<  Dogecoin Baccarat (at Bitcoin Penguin Casino) Click Here

Baccarat Info

Baccarat has an incredible history and you can read an excellent article about it over on Wikipedia.

Other Card Games?

If you like this game you may also like poker.  We have a good article about Texas Hold Em poker and where to play it.  See Here.

The Top 2 Bitcoin Poker Sites

Now that the IRS has stated that Bitcoin is “property” and will be treated as such, USA online poker players are rejoicing.

Bitcoin Poker – A New Gateway

This opens the gateway for the pent up demand recently crushed by Black Friday in the online poker world.  USA poker players can now play online poker (relatively) simply, easily, and within the law.

The Best Online Poker Sites For Bitcoin

See “How To Get Started Playing Poker Online With Bitcoin

Back in the day there were plenty of online sites where a player from the “free world” could play poker.

Pokerstars and Party Poker were the top two for USA players, and there were plenty of others to choose from, but now the good times have returned and players can (relatively) easily play poker online without fear of retribution.

How To Play Poker With Bitcoins

I’ll give you the “once over” with how to get started with playing online with Bitcoin, but I also have an excellent report HERE that provides better (more complete) details if you are a “newbie” on how to go about it.

The Details

First off… if you are not sure what Bitcoin and “cryptocurrencies” are all about see this excellent article on Wikipedia.

If you have a decent grasp on the subject – and if you already know how to acquire Bitcoin and transfer them from wallet to wallet (and thus your new found friends) then see below.

The Best Bitcoin Poker Sites

I have been playing online poker with Bitcoin for a few months now at several sites – enough time to figure out (in my opinion) where the best experience(s) can be had and I can say without a doubt that   BetCoin is the best place to play right now.

Betcoin Poker

Betcoin has a great (and growing) site too.  They don’t have nearly as many players at any given time (yet), but I do like their format.

The have several “Guaranteed” tournaments every day, and in a recent visit I was able to take 2nd place in a 125 GTD (125 guaranteed) tournament where there where only 3 of us entered.  (that’s not 125 bitcoin, but “125 chips” where each chip is worth .001 bitcoin – so my second place finish which earned my 37.5 “chips” worked out to be worth .0375 Bitcoin which was worth $22.50 (dollars).

Get Started Cheap

The easiest way to get started gambling with Bitcoin is to make a account, link up your bank account, fund your account, and buy some Bitcoin (or a portion thereof).

You can get started with $10, (that’ll buy you .01 Bitcoin – enough to get started playing poker (or any casino game that takes Bitcoin for that matter) at any one of the best Bitcoin poker and casino sites online.

More Info

I found an excellent article if you need more information about all of this at Market Watch.  You can also read more of my thoughts by clicking here.

Free Gambling Online With Crypto Report

Our friends over at Cryptolix have an excellent FREE Report with all the details you will ever need to get started properly and without delay.  Click Here to sign up for the Cryptolix Report and Newsletter.