Dogecoin Gambling – Where To Do It

By | February 16, 2014

Where should you gamble with Dogecoin?  What are the best places?  Who can you trust?  With the advent of crypto-currencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others, it’s only natural for those in the realm to consider gambling as something to do with their new found “wealth”.

Gambling With Crypto Currency

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What a lot of people wonder is where to gamble with their “digital dollars”.  These cryptocurrencies aren’t really dollars of course, but the hope of many is to someday turn them into real wealth.

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Anyone familiar with the rise of Bitcoin knows that if they had just gotten in early enough they’d be millionaires by now and the hope is that their chosen (new) crypto will soon make them a millionaire too.

Buy And Hold?

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You can Gamble with Dogecoin at Fortune Jack – Lots of Games and Live Dealers!

It would only have taken a little foresight to “buy and hold” a few hundred dollars of Bitcoin at its early beginnings to be set for life.

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It’s funny to think that even now there are people gambling away thousands in crypto currencies like Dogecoin at many different gaming websites because each DogeCoin is only worth 1/4 of a penny (or less) while someday it may be worth – (fill in your amount here) – a dollar or two (we can only hope).

Where To Gamble With DogeCoin

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The following is an (ever growing) list of casinos and other places to gamble with your crypto currencies.

More sites and games added as they become available.

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cryptocurrency casino

You can Gamble with Dogecoin at Fortune Jack – Lots of Games and Live Dealers!

 NOTE:  Find more articles right on this site about the following:


Slots :

Blackjack: Dogecoin BlackJack Online – Bitcoin and Litecoin Too


Dice: Dogecoin Dice Games

Craps: See Bitcoin Penguin banner above

    • YouTube (search results for DogeCoin Gambling)
    • Sports Betting

How To Convert / Exchange Your Dogecoin To Litecoin or Bitcoin For More Online Gambling Choices

If you want to play at the really fancy online casinos that have live dealers and literally dozens of different games including slots and all of the table games you’ll need to exchange your Dogecoins for Bitcoin (or a portion of a Bitcoin).

Better Casino Games With Bitcoin?

While Dogecoin is a popular alt coin there aren’t all that many solidly established gaming sites to play at yet – UPDATE: We are now recommending Bitcoin Penguin – (not to say that the following does not still apply – it does)  so what you can do is set up an account at an “exchange” such as Bleutrade or – make an account – deposit your Dogecoin – and then sell some for Litecoin or Bitcoin (you don’t have to buy an entire Bitcoin) and then transfer the Bitcoin(s) to the gambling site of your choice.

Not Quite Sure How To Easily Exchange Dogecoin For Bitcoin?

See my article Right Here.

Or better yet Sign Up For The Cryptolix Report(it’s free) – Click Here. The report has all the knitty gritty details on how to do it.  Did I mention that it’s Free?

Once You Have Some Bitcoin

Visit some of the following site(s)  – you can use play money to check out the games – and see if you can tell the difference between these (sometimes decent) Dogecoin games online and the more established Bitcoin casinos and games 

Poker Only – Bitcoin Only

>>>Betcoin Casino and Poker  A growing Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker room.  A growing amount of Players.  Poker tournaments and more. Just Like The Texas Hold ‘Em Online Poker Days Of Old With A Downloadable Or “In Your Browser” Poker Room

Bitcoin only Casino Games

Betcoin Casino and Poker

These online casinos have been around longer and have better systems in place.  It’s just like playing at Party Poker or Poker Stars, and the other good online casino game sites in the past only now you can do it with Cryptocurrency (or as some call it – “digital currency”).

Do I Need To Download Anything?

Some of them will require you to download the casino or poker room onto your computer, but many of them don’t even require that anymore – you can play right in your internet browser as soon as you make a deposit into your account.

Try them out.  I did and found that sometimes exchanging my Doge for Bitcoin gave me a much better online gambling experience.  Here’s a great article on how to exchange coins.

I put some banners down below that you can click on and check a couple of them out.

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Not sure what DogeCoin and other CryptoCurrency is all about? 

Check out all the stuff on Wikipedia.

See more about dogecoin and other cryptocurrency poker games online.