The Top 2 Bitcoin Poker Sites

By | April 3, 2014

Now that the IRS has stated that Bitcoin is “property” and will be treated as such, USA online poker players are rejoicing.

Bitcoin Poker – A New Gateway

This opens the gateway for the pent up demand recently crushed by Black Friday in the online poker world.  USA poker players can now play online poker (relatively) simply, easily, and within the law.

The Best Online Poker Sites For Bitcoin

See “How To Get Started Playing Poker Online With Bitcoin

Back in the day there were plenty of online sites where a player from the “free world” could play poker.

Pokerstars and Party Poker were the top two for USA players, and there were plenty of others to choose from, but now the good times have returned and players can (relatively) easily play poker online without fear of retribution.

How To Play Poker With Bitcoins

I’ll give you the “once over” with how to get started with playing online with Bitcoin, but I also have an excellent report HERE that provides better (more complete) details if you are a “newbie” on how to go about it.

The Details

First off… if you are not sure what Bitcoin and “cryptocurrencies” are all about see this excellent article on Wikipedia.

If you have a decent grasp on the subject – and if you already know how to acquire Bitcoin and transfer them from wallet to wallet (and thus your new found friends) then see below.

The Best Bitcoin Poker Sites

I have been playing online poker with Bitcoin for a few months now at several sites – enough time to figure out (in my opinion) where the best experience(s) can be had and I can say without a doubt that The Best Online Bitcoin Poker Site is  Betcoin is the best place to play right now.

Betcoin Poker

Betcoin has a great (and growing) site too.  They don’t have nearly as many players as sites like Pokerstars and such at any given time (yet), but I do like their format, and they do have some very active (and pretty big money) tournaments – even some daily freeroll tourneys.

The have several “Guaranteed” tournaments every day, and in a recent visit I was able to take 2nd place in a 125 GTD (125 guaranteed) tournament where there where only 3 of us entered.  (that’s not 125 bitcoin, but “125 chips” where each chip is worth .001 bitcoin – so my second place finish which earned my 37.5 “chips” worked out to be worth .0375 Bitcoin which was worth $22.50 (dollars).

Get Started Cheap

The easiest way to get started gambling with Bitcoin is to make a account, link up your bank account, fund your account, and buy some Bitcoin (or a portion thereof).

You can get started with $10, (that’ll buy you .01 Bitcoin – enough to get started playing poker (or any casino game that takes Bitcoin for that matter) at any one of the best Bitcoin poker and casino sites online.

More Info

I found an excellent article if you need more information about all of this at Market Watch.  You can also read more of my thoughts by clicking here.

Free Gambling Online With Crypto Report

Our friends over at Cryptolix have an excellent FREE Report with all the details you will ever need to get started properly and without delay.  Click Here to sign up for the Cryptolix Report and Newsletter.