Trade Some Dogecoin For Lesser Known Alt Coins – Expand Your Wealth

By | September 6, 2014

It used to be that if you had some Dogecoin and you wanted to trade it for a different kind of cryptocurrency you pretty much had to first trade it for Bitcoin or Litecoin and then use your newly purchased Bitcoin (or Litecoin) to buy the kind of alt coin that you wanted – but not anymore.

Trade Dogecoin Directly For Other Coins

As the cryptocurrency market has matured (still early stages of course – 2014) so have the places to “exchange” your cryptocurrencies – one for the other.

Best Place To Exchange Dogecoin For Other Alt Coins

There’s a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that not a lot of people know about.  It’s called Bleutrade.

At Bleutrade you can not only exchange your Doge for Bitcoin and Litecoin (like every other exchange out there) you can also TRADE DOGECOIN FOR EVERY OTHER COIN ON THE EXCHANGE!  Did I say that loud enough?

Take a look at all of the coins you can directly trade your Dogecoin for.

Trade dogecoin for any other alt coin image

At Bleutrade you can exchange your Dogecoin for any other coin on the exchange directly!

Why Is This Important?

The development of this kind of cryptocurrency trading is important for at least three reasons.

  1. Now you don’t have to first exchange your Dogecoin for Bitcoin and then trade your Bitcoin for the kind of crypto you want.  This saves you on your trading “fees”.  It also saves time.
  2. Secondly this shows that the demand for Dogecoin as a cryptocurrency trading “vehicle” exists, which is great for all of us “Dogecoin Believers”.  This makes Dogecoin more in demand, and demand generally creates higher prices.
  3. Being able to purchase lesser known Alt Coins with Dogecoin also gives some of the “underdog” coins (coins can now trade for less than 1 Satoshi) a chance to grow their own market, develop a following, work the bugs out, and when they really start to grow they will provide the early believers/adopters/buyers/investors with HUGE GAINS!

What Are Some Of The Underdog Coins?

I’ll mention just three “underdog” coins to keep this short.  All three you can buy with Dogecoin at Bleutrade.  There are plenty more even at this moment, but one can never tell for sure which is the next one to “Go To the Moon”!

Trading your Dogecoin for any of the following coins (or any alt coins for that matter) is a gamble, but that’s what you came here to do isn’t it?

  1. HTML Coin – This is a coin with a growing community of believers.  It also has a name that most everyone somehow recognizes even if they are not quite sure why.  There’s a pretty good article about it over on  HTML Coin currently trades for far less than 1 Satoshi, but they have lots going on and it’s definitely one to watch – or throw a few Doge at it over on Bleutrade.
  2. GCoin – Gcoin has already developed and produced an Android App game where you can “earn” Gcoin instead of just worthless “points” like many other games.  This (I believe) is one of the hidden gems (no pun intended) in the alt coin world.  (okay… slight pun intended, but Gcoin is definitely one to watch).  Here’s their main website address: and you can check out the Android App here:
  3. Troll Coin – This is a coin that we have purchased over the last month or so.  It’s a weird coin, but we think it has potential.  They are tied in with which was just purchased by Amazon for 1.1 Billion Dollars.   (Here’s another link that talks about Trollcoin and  Yeah… really.  We can’t really say for sure that the Amazon deal is going to make this coin explode in value, but… just in case we have picked up several million Trollcoins (using Dogecoin – It trades for less than 1 Satoshi right now – early September 2014) over on Bleutrade.

How To Set Up An Account At Bleutrade

If you are internet savvy then just Click This Link To Bleutrade and get started buying some coins with huge potential for less than 1 Satoshi using Dogecoin (or other coins for that matter… on Bleutrade you can trade any one coin for any other – if there is no market you can make one!).

Bleutrade Tutorial – How To Get Started Trading

Otherwise – You will find below a video that will walk you through it.  You can also check out this article/video montage over on for many more details.



For those of you Dogecoin owners (and believers like us) it sure doesn’t hurt to spread some of that Dogecoin love around by making a purchase of some other cryptocurrencies and help build the community in more ways than we can even imagine at this point in time.

Dogecoin seems to have (finally) made a bottom around 25 Satoshis here in early September 2014 and appears to be on the upswing.  Not only does it seem to be a good time to be acquiring more Doge at these levels it also is a good time to use some of those newly acquired Doge to buy some of these other up and coming coins and the best place to do that is at Bleutrade.

Click the banner below and check out the amazing things you can buy with Doge over at Bleutrade.

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