Where (and how) To Play Poker Online With Bitcoins

By | March 13, 2014

After the horrible Black Friday in the online poker world there are plenty of people “Jones’n” for their online poker fix.

The People Have Spoken – Online Poker Is Back

Whenever there is a huge “need” to be fulfilled the “market” will usually speak – and the market has not disappointed.

Cryptocurrency To The Rescue

With the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies [which are not recognized by the “powers that be” as a genuine currency (yet)] – online poker has arisen again and no place is doing it better than Betcoin Casino and Poker

Betcoin Poker Review

litecoin and bitcoin gambling imageWe’ve been playing at Betcoin Casino and Poker for months now and it is just like the online poker days of old.

You can download the poker room onto your computer (or you can play in your internet browser) and have ready access to a poker game at any time – day or night.  They have up to a few hundred active players at any given time so there is plenty of action available.

It’s Easy

As mentioned above we have been on the site for a month now and there have been no problems.  Once you have yourself some Bitcoin you can deposit it into your account and they will give you “one chip” for every “.001” bitcoin that you deposit.

We started with .05 bitcoin (around $30 worth when BTC was worth $600) to check it out (they credited us with 50 chips) and it was off to the races.  We soon had over 200 chips after playing a few ring games of No Limit Hold em as well as a couple of Sit n Go tournaments.

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Easiest Way To Get Some Bitcoins

If you already have some Dogecoins or other type of digital currency/alt coins and you just want to “exchange” them for Bitcoin the easiest way is to use a “Cryptocurrency Exchange”  such as Bleutrade Make an account there (at Bleutrade – it takes 30 seconds) and “sell” your Dogecoins (or whatever) for Bitcoin and then withdraw them (your Bitcoin) to your chosen gambling site.

If you aren’t familiar with how to acquire Bitcoin in order to play poker or other casino games online there are many ways to get some.  It is important to familiarize yourself with how all of this crypto currency stuff works of course.

Can I Stay Anonymous?

If you are savvy enough and do your research you can of course stay “anonymous” – it’s not that hard to do – but for the purpose of this short tutorial we’ll only tell you how to link up your bank account to an online service that allows you to purchase Bitcoin with Dollars – or other currency.

Buy Some Bitcoin

The following way – described below – will not make you completely anonymous, but will make everything real easy – and it is “legal” – not that any other way would be illegal, but it is important for many people to feel that they are within the confines of “the law” – so here goes.

Go to Coinbase.com and make an account.  Make yourself a Username and a Password.  Make sure you enter “two step verification” (or whatever they call it) where once you sign in (like any other online account) they send you a “text” or SMS message to your mobile phone with a special code that you have to enter – that way you (and they) know that it is actually you signing in.

Hook Up Your Bank Account

Once you have an account at CoinBase.com you can now buy some Bitcoin with money from your bank account – but there’s a small catch.  They are going to want you to verify your bank account with them.  It is just like Paypal and other online banking accounts you may have set up in the past.

They will make two small “deposits” to your local bank account that you listed with them and then you will have to check and see how much/what those deposits were and then log back in to Coinbase and enter it into the proper forms.  It is going to take at least a couple of days for all of this to happen.

Once You’re Verified

Once you have your account verified at Coinbase.com  you can now make a Bitcoin purchase – but it is still going to take some time to get your  “coins” – 5 days in our experience.

You can also hook up a credit card with them to buy Bitcoin – verify it, etc. , but the initial process will still take nearly a week.  So be patient.  Once you have all this set up you are good to go.

Now You Have Some Bitcoins (or a portion thereof)

Now that you have some Bitcoin in your Coinbase account you can now transfer them to another wallet online – in this case you will want to transfer some to your  Betcoin Casino and Poker wallet.

Once again – the transfer is not “instant” but it is pretty fast – they tell you that it will take anywhere from a few hours to as many as ten hours.  In our case it took a couple of hours to have the Bitcoins in our account – then we were ready to play.  And it was (and still is) awesome!

Good Luck!

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to Contact Us and we’ll help you out the best we can.

If you already have some sort (most any sort actually) of cryptocurrency, but you don’t have any Bitcoin in order to play poker online  and you don’t know how to “exchange” them – just go to an online Crypto Currency exchange such as Bleutrade.com or Cryptsy.com – make an account – and sell the kind of “crypto” that you have for Bitcoin and then transfer them to your online gaming wallet.  You’ll be good to go from there.

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